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The best choice of a traditional celebration ! You'll never be disappointed with a Charlotte. Smoth, tasty and just sweet enough, this royal cake is perfect to share in family.

Mother's day offer


For every cake bought, we offer you a discount for cannelé box (9) or macarons box (9). 
To get this offer, please select the cake size you want (6 or 8) and then select the box (cannelé or macaron).

If you wish to just buy the cake, it is not a problem. 

Once you have selected the cake and box offer, if needed, please follow the instruction.

On the "delivery" page, you will find a calendar in order to choose the date you wish to receive / pick up the cake. Please be informed that the date  you enter is the date of reception, we will then send the cake earlier.. 

If you need to add any comment, please feel free to write it in the case allocated upper.

Thanks you for buying handmade product, we wish you will feel delighted by the flavor and design.


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