Security policy

We greatly value the security of your personal data. This is why we are using encrypted POS and CMS softwares.


Delivery policy: Easy & Fast

We provide a high quality delivery, strongly respecting the safety and quality of our service.


Food Insurance, for individual and companies

Because your safety is our priority, we offer the proof of our best practices and responsibility

LBS hygiene

Our customers safety first

LBS Hygiene is our partner for a proof of HACCP and Hygiene good practices.

The real Cannelés 

Try our cannelés, made from the best ingredients from the traditional French recipe.

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New Canneles available !
Orange-chocolate & whiskey

Come to try our new cannelés, the impressive orange chocolate (containing 70% chocolate) and our whisky flavor cannelé (best whiskey taste !)

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Macaron, the Must try !
Best ingredients, best quality, best flavors !

Loved by our customers, the French macarons are flavorfull small pastries. We're offering a less sweet, bigger flavorful macaron. Try it, you'll love it.

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Birthday cakes


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Lellus ac cursus commodo, tortor mauris condimentum.
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In the Jewish religion, Passover, the Jewish Passover, commemorates the exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt, led by...
The history of Macaron
國王派 King pie or Galette des Rois
這款甜點絕對是一年一度重磅登場,每次推出都是氣勢磅礡 國王餅,Galette des Rois...

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